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George Yeeles Loades RBSA BWS




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A sketchbook drawing from a photograph I took of Dartmouth Harbour at low tide. Distance is limited to the middle distance by the row of buildings and the harbour wall, and as the buildings were in heavy shadow, details were down played in anticipation of the final painting. 

The tone and colour of the buildings and the quayside were difficult to judge as in true life
they were rather dark. This would have made the middle distance and quayside too
prominent so the tonal level was reduced so that some detail would be evident but not too
much. A few bright areas of light were included where sun caught some of the buildings
to break up the darker tone. In reality there was no sun on the buildings at all. Likewise the
quayside was a little darker than the buildings. The roadway which is just visible received
the full sun so there is a thin bright line between the buildings and the quayside.

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