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 Following a request for a house portrait this is the approach I made to a not very interesting subject. The house was one in the middle of a terrace and did not lend itself to much more than an estate agents photograph. To try and overcome this I decided to make a version along the lines of Feiningers cubist style. Also this was the first time I had done this sort of work in watercolour, previously I had used oils. I started in my sketchbook making thumbnail drawings gradually making an interpretation from one idea to the next. Having decided the general idea I then made a bigger drawing of the final work, took a copy, and with cezanneian principles in mind, looked at the relationship of tensions and movement in the spread of shapes within the plane. As things progressed the fablon was carefully peeled off to leave a sharp edge.

The House.

Preliminary sketch 1

Preliminary sketch 2

Preliminary sketch 3

Preliminary sketch 4

Identifying tension and movement.

Areas preserved with fablon

Applying washes over the fabon.

The final picture
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