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I hope you enjoy my work and find something to interest you.

About me.
Being a native of the North East with a career in industry is the reason for my interest is in rivers, ships and the coast. Landscapes and seascapes are my areas of interest. The variety of subject, the effect of light, character and pervading atmosphere are what attracts me to these scenes. I have always painted and sketched and spent three years with the Open College of Art. In 2010 I was elected member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 2014. I have exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries London.

About my work.

I work mainly in watercolour and occasionally oils, acrylics and pen and ink. My work is mostly representational and, occasionally, cubist interpretations. In addition to contemporary scenes I paint the days of coal and steam. My aim is to capture the dirty, smoky character and unglamorous atmosphere of those days. Such subjects require research and often this information is not immediately suitable for artwork. Constructing projections from such information enables me to create views different from the reference material. This is time consuming but does allow me to reflect character and atmosphere in a more striking manner. Using rough surfaced paper aids granulation of the watercolour paint which supports the feeling and grit of those days. I find it is equally effective on landscapes, townscapes, etc.










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