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Aldeburgh Beach finished painting
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To finish the painting the distance and some of the middle ground buildings were reduced in strength which helped to pull the foreground forward. Finally foreground details of old timber, weeds and the shingle beach were suggested. A certain amount of splattering was used to suggest the shingle. The sea was left the colour of the paper and a couple of ships indicated on the horizon to increase the sense of distance. Figures beach fishing were added and the birds helped to give a visual connection between the foreground and far distance. The range of colours used were Ultramarine, Cobalt and Windsor Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Violet.
A lot of further work was necessary to finish the painting. The distance and middle ground buildings took 10/12 hours, the boat 2 hours and the full picture a total of 20 hours.