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Watercolour done using 20/25% of a photographic reference taken a number of years ago of at a quayside in Mevigissey. I used a magnifying glass to make the basic sketchbook drawing shown below. Coloured pencil is used to give a rough idea of colour. The sketch is in proportion to the working surface. This is deliberate to allow direct painting from the sketch without preliminary pencil work. The brief Notan sketches shown gave a rough idea on tonality before starting to paint. The work proceeded jigsaw like, ie. a little bit of careful layout with the brush and painting the initial tone, then drawing and painting a little more until completion. The buildings in the background demanded light tones so as not to overpower the main activity in the foreground.

Quick Notan drawing

Sketchbook drawing.

Low tide at Mevagissey ©
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